Once we have arranged a date for the reopening of the office we will update these pages, we anticipate similar restrictions to those below which were imposed when the office was opened in August and September 2020 to apply.

Although we are welcoming everyone back to the ticket office please note the following restrictions will be in place:

Due to space limitations we will only be allowing one customer in the office at a time (with the exception of those with children or those needing assistance.)

We ask that when you have completed your transaction in the office you leave promptly, allowing us to deal with as many passengers as possible.

The seating area at the end of the office is currently not in use. Waiting shelters are available on each platform.

if you have a complex query such a ticket refund or a railcard application you may be asked to come back when the office is quieter, or you may be asked to step outside for a brief period of time whilst we deal with other customers.

We are also currently unable to process most refunds in the ticket office, you may be asked to complete a refund form so that your refund can be processed centrally by West Midlands Trains.

Please also note that face coverings are now mandatory on public transport for the duration of your journey and that on some trains services seat reservations are also mandatory. Although this information is correct at time of publishing please check the relevant train operator website for more up to date information.

thankyou for your understanding.